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“Food I Fancy backgrounds were the first professional backgrounds I bought when I started working full time as a food photographer. They elevated my set up and added an authenticity and artistic-ness that I hadn’t previously found. I reach for these backgrounds time and time again and always love the outcome.”

Diana Moschitz

Global Recipe Developer for Thermomix, Switzerland


“Food I Fancy Backgrounds are a phenomenal texture and colour that really help to enhance the beauty of the subject. It’s light, affordable and comes with an excellent customer service!”

Dikla Frances (One Sarcastic Baker)

Food Photographer, Baker, USA


“I purchased three of Tash’s backgrounds and absolutely love them! They are of just the right thickness, making them sturdy yet easy to handle and their unique colours and textures really enhance the narrative of photographs. Looking forward to adding more of these lovely backgrounds to my collection!”

Anna Chung (Miss Mojo)

Baker, Malaysia


“The backgrounds are not just pieces of wood with paint on it! They’re a piece of artistic soul! They’ve got a unique vibe and you can feel it when you’re working on them! The textures are just perfect and the colours work so well together. What I also love about them is that they’re so easy to clean. For me they’re pieces of art! And Tash knows what every food photographer needs to make magic on their photos! I just simply love my backgrounds.”

Aleksander Krupiński (Warzywy)

Food Photographer, Artist, Poland


“I am the proud owner of two Food I Fancy Backgrounds and just love their individual textures and colours. They are light so easy to move around the studio and shipping was quick!”

Jo Yee (Candids by Jo)

Photographer, UK


“I adore these backgrounds. They give an instant jolt of colour and texture to my food photos. The service is excellent too. I will be buying more colours!”

Niamh Shields

Food Writer, UK


“WOW! Was my very first reaction after unwrapping my first background from FIF Backgrounds. The technique Tash uses for creating texture makes these backgrounds incredibly unique. They photograph beautifully adding depth and texture to the photos, while enhancing the subject and not overpowering it. The white and grey is a favourite piece in my collection, it’s versatile and works with every subject! It’s a staple background in every food photographers collection.”

Beata Lubas

Food Photographer, UK